Eight Core Commitments In Empower Network Create Residual Income

The Empower Network 8 Core Steps Can Set You Free?

Every one of the Empower Network 8 core commitments are designed to:

  • Build your belief in Empower Network
  • Build your belief in yourself
  • Get you to take advantage of the amazing Empower Network products
  • Help you to profit quickly
  • Create online real estate and traffic for years to come
  • Help your business duplicate quickly and effectively
  • Help you become a better person, a better leader, and reach your fullest God-given potential in life.
empower network 8 core commitments
I will go into further details below, but first let’s learn the 8 Core Steps themselves:
  1. Activate Your Payment System
  2. Blog Daily
  3. Market Daily
  4. New Member Coaching
  5. Empower Hour
  6. Daily Audio
  7. Read Daily
  8. Attend The Events

I am one of the Top Leaders in Empower Network, and I personally follow all 8 core commitments.
(I’m telling you that because if you want success, follow / model someone who’s already having success!)

Let’s take a further look into the 8 core commitments, and how simple they are.
(They’re so simple, it’s actually hard to believe that they can result in such a large income
but do not waver, there are the KEY to your success in Empower Network!)


Lesson 1

The First Core Commitment
Activate Your Payment System

empower network payment system ewallet

To be able to receive commissions in Empower Network, you must register an an affiliate.

(You can use the products by themselves, and not earn money on selling the products and
putting the Empower Network sales funnel to work for you.  Many of the Empower Network
affiliates choose to become an affiliate, as it’s quite simple to earn money by only writing
blog posts and/or doing videos / vlogging about things you really like to put content out about)

This also gets you you an eWallet/merchant account all setup.

Your commissions you earn are directly deposited into your bank account, through the
eWallet. (or you can have them go onto a debit/credit card, etc.)


Lesson 2

The Second Core Commitment
Blog Daily
blog daily empower network

This very post you’re reading is an example of blogging daily.

It’s your ability to put your thoughts out to the world, which in turn, can attract other like minded
people into your influence.

You can then use this influence to introduce people into streams of income to help you create profits.

One of the best streams, the best sales funnels, to ever exist to humanity, is the
Empower Network Sales Funnel.

When you blog daily, you are able to quickly create “online real estate”.

This real estate can bring you traffic.  Sometimes this traffic can come back to you for many years
to come.

Imagine that you blog every day for a year.  In 5 years from now, you have hundreds of thousands
of people per month visiting what you wrote about, and clicking on your banners, entering
your sales funnel.

When you do this correctly, you can get to a point where you never have to do another blog post
again, but yet still create new sales every day. (provided you’re using a highly converting sales
funnel like Empower Network)


Lesson 3

The Third Core Commitment
Market Daily
empower network market daily

This is getting “traffic” (people’s eyeballs) onto your Empower Network Capture Pages.

This is accomplished by:

  • You sending people from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to view your blog posts.
  • Using PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing to drive traffic
  • Using solo ads
  • Magazine ads
  • List builders / “safelists”
  • Sending a broadcast message to your “list”
  • etc.

It’s great if you have a blog post / video / vlog, but you need people to SEE it!  :)

If you add value to their life through that post, they will click on the banners and
links you recommend.

Another way is directly marketing your Empower Network capture pages, which
is bypassing a blog/vlog post and putting traffic directly into the capture/sales pages.
(This is where PPC, solo ads, etc. come into play)


Lesson 4

The Fourth Core Commitment
New Member Coaching
empower network new member coaching

This is a HUGE piece that most people miss out on…DON’T be one of them!

Here are a few key reasons why it’s a must to coach your new members:

  1. You begin to establish a relationship with them.
  2. You can help them to properly establish their business, giving you the maximum chance they’ll “duplicate” your efforts.
  3. You can help them to get upgraded to the correct Empower Network products they’ll need.

Side Bonus: Use the new member coaching webinars, put on by Empower Network, to really increase
the number of sales that will happen within your team! (Which is leveraged income that you don’t have
to work for yourself.)

It’s completely possible for you to build a huge business without ever picking up the phone – ever.


Lesson 5

The Fifth Core Commitment
Empower Hour
empower hour

This is a weekly call where all of the newest announcements are made.  It’s typically a 60-90 minute
commitment per week.

Your belief in the company will greatly increase, and additionally, some of these calls are so good
that they are later on used as part of the “Inner Circle”!

If you can’t be there on Monday evenings at 7:00pm MST / 9:00pm EST, you can also listen
to these in your EN back office. (The audio that always starts to play when you log into EN)

However, I would recommend to make this a priority in your life, because if you’re running
a multimillion dollar business, a little 1 hour per week commitment is not a big deal.
(and if you’re not acting like this is a multimillion dollar business, you get what you expect
to get, so just choose to believe!)


Lesson 6

The Sixth Core Commitment
Daily Audio
personal development audio daily

Personal development is one of the most important activities you need to be doing on a daily basis!

The fact is that we are surrounded by advertisements and negativity in the newspapers, radio,
magazines, billboards, and even on our cereal boxes!

What enters your mind is what you will create.  So if you put “garbage in”, you will get “garbage

When you put positive & motivational material in your mind, stories of successful people who
have done the things you want to do in life, your mind cannot help but to start to create more
of those positive events in your life.

Bonus Tip: You can listen to audio in all of the following activities, and it will cost you NO more
additional time throughout the day:

  • While driving to/from work
  • While in the shower
  • While at the gym
  • While running / biking around the trails in Colorado
  • Doing errands

Filling your mind with personal development is literally one of the most important choices you
need to make on a daily basis.


Lesson 7

The Seventh Core Commitment
Read Daily
personal development read daily

Leaders are readers.

This commitment is very related to the “Daily Audio” commitment from above.
(but it’s “reading words” as opposed to “listening to audio”)

The difference here is that reading is usually something that you have to focus on, it’s not
an activity that’s as easy to double up as “NET” time. (No Extra Time)


Lesson 8

The Eighth Core Commitment
Attend The Events
Empower Network Attend The Events

This is one that is “new” to most internet marketers.

Recently I interviewed an industry multimillionaire, that had just attended his first event,
(He is an “internet” guy that does 100% of his business from his home.)

He was blown away at how much his own beliefs & views positively changed from attending
the event, and is now encouraging all of the people in his influence to attend events.

The best way to explain it is this…

At an event, you’re surrounded by others who are successful.  They are from ALL walks
of life.

Your belief directly and dramatically rises because you see many people that you “know”
you can do better than, that started from a “worse place” than you are in, etc.

That belief directly transfers into you making more income in your business, many times
in a very short amount of time.

Going to events will shortcut your learning curve by many months & years…and it’s been
proven for decades in the network marketing industry.


That is the 8 core commitments of Empower Network.

If you can follow these simple set of 8 commitments each day, you can quite literally
build a 6-7+ figure income.

This is almost unbelievable when you first hear it, but as you begin to follow them
each day, your belief grows higher and higher…as do your results grow higher and

By following these simple 8 steps, I now make more money while I sleep each night, then
I used to make working all 8-12 hours at a “job” each day. (and we’re talking about
engineering and sales jobs)

and then I make more money while I’m awake, whether I “work” or not…

Are You Ready To Make More Money While You Sleep Than You Do At Your Job?

Your Results May Vary

To join an Empower Network Top Leader, and shortcut years and thousands of dollars
off of your learning curve…

Empower Network Top Leader


To YOUR Ultimate Success!

Jason Cardamone
Success Coach
Inspiring Greatness in You

My Mission Statement I Live My Life By:
The purpose of my life is to love, to enjoy the journey, and to inspire, teach, and serve others!

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