I know that is a strange question

and it’s also a very important one.

I actually laid down at 10am this morning… and took a relaxing and energizing 2 hour nap!


Now this is quite ironic…

Considering I was the guy that used to be known for sleeping for 4 hours per night.

but that was not healthy…

and not only was I painfully paying for the lack of sleep… so was my family!

(and it’s funny how at the time, I thought my health and life were running smoothly… but once I had perspective of what it’s like outside of the stress and demands of corporate America… everything changed!)

What happened was that I was doing some meditation this morning… and during the short 12 minute session… I found myself drifting off to sleep 4 separate times!

(I hired one of Deepak Chopra’s top students to be my coach for 12 weeks… and there are only a few things that can happen during meditation: “the gap”/silence, you have thoughts, you fall asleep.)

and because I found myself falling asleep… I now know that’s a sure sign that my body needs some more sleep – right now!

Now, I used to ignore these kind of feelings…

or better said, I used to be ignorant to them… because I was unaware of what was really happening in my body. (and my life)

but now that I have the time freedom to be able to listen to my body, and give it even more of what it needs… my life is better off in every way.

(and the same applies to the needs of my family & loved ones… to the needs of my community and clients… etc.)

So if you are looking for more time freedom

more health

spending more time with your loved ones

and more of the life you really want (& deserve) to live…

Come join us at our recent workshop!

PS – It’s 3:30pm here in Colorado… and I’m about to go out and dribble a soccer ball around my neighborhood…

because I love it… and because my boss said I could!

PPS – Just in case you’re new around here – I am my own boss and I call the shots! (at least until my wife says differently… or I go against the grain and just do said “shot calling” anyway… but then again… sometimes I like just having fun and being the occasional rebel…)