Just launched my transformative 90 day program for my team. Transformation across every aspect of life & biz, including accountability of biz metrics & KPI’s.
My breakthrough is… this is like all the BEST pieces of all of my FB lives, videos, courses, private conversations & coaching, and random nuggets I spread around daily…
but those are just random.
I haven’t had the “discipline” the past few years to put it all together.
I chose to just do “coaching programs”, including launching my full 1-on-1 & group coaching on Black Friday 2018… but that’s just because I wanted to “coach in the moment”… instead of taking the immense amount of time planning out life transformation.
In my past, I HAVE put together programs… but they’ve come together bit by bit, over many months / years. (I had a program that was similar to MLSP… with over 2,000 subscribers, back from 2008 – 2019… and I was a fully 2 years into it & 1,000 subs before realizing MLSP even existed… and I chose to not compete & take more active focus off of it around summer 2010. We had 3 years of training in there, every Tuesday, over 150 of them, over 200 hours of training.)
Anyway… I didn’t have time to wait years to put the best program together… my Magnum Opus.
But I also have been dragging ass for years… realizing that NOT taking years to put it together… means a lot of focus, discipline… and the hallucination that I wouldn’t “have fun or work in my gifts” during that time.
HA! What a load of crap!
It hasn’t been easy… but it has been fulfilling.
I totally get why so many get stuck in the process of writing books, creating products, sharing their best nuggets with the world. (hell… many even struggle just to do that across a single recorded or live video, or written post, etc.)
Part of my online journey looks like this:
– 2006 – Brought my strong technology background to the network marketing world, big competitive advantage as many thought it wouldn’t work. (even had 80 year old great grandmothers in profits of $400/month that were technophobes.)
– 2008 – Put out whatever my team needed, on the journey. Enough planning to know where I wanted to get to… but very sloppy execution. Foresight of 1-7 days at a time… too much project / task swapping to be hyper productive… but absolutely cranked out great content & system over the first 3 years.
– 2008 – 2009 – I crushed out 100’s of YouTube videos, did very well, millions of views. (until “The Google Slap” across the industry in Fall of 2009… that moved me away from YouTube… and I’ve never returned in huge fashion – yet.)
– 2010 – I “retired” and started taking off 4 months each year. 3 in the summer, 1 over the holidays. This was from a consistent growth in residual income…
but resulted in me eventually taking my focus off of personally recruiting in my team… which eventually lead to my life being in just a handful of leader’s hands… who eventually bailed over the coming years. (and then came back intermittently too… but never with as much focus as their initial push)
– 2010 – I stopped picking up my phone. I had over 1,000 personal enrollments from 2008 – 2010… and I was super burned out. It was a lower market program, and I wasn’t qualifying people enough. I grew to HATE the phone… still working on picking it up more to this day.
(although for productivity purposes… my ringer & vibration has been turned off since 2015)
– I got more on Facebook in 2012 in private groups for network marketing teams. (had been on since 2007 & only checked monthly or even quarterly or so… pretty unplugged.)
– Fall 2014 – part of a huge launch online, and our team did $10M and 10,000 members in 90 days… my team was $1M & 1,000 of that… really “blew me up on Facebook”… where I’ve mostly been since.
– I got into FB lives right when they started late 2015… and that was my ultimate platform for what I had always wanted to do more of…
live speaking & adjusting “in the moment” to different audiences / people.
I wanted to be able to step onto any stage in the world, with any audience, and deliver life changing value.
It’s what moved me more from recorded & editing videos… into “live”.
So nearly 5 straight years now… I’ve done thousands of FB lives… countless 100’s of webinars.
I OWN that skill… I can step on any stage, anytime, anywhere… give me a mic at the last second and throw me on stage… and I’ll change lives.
– So now that’s lead me to the next “level up”… leaving a LONG TERM legacy. (because when I’m gone… I won’t be doing ANY “in the moment” moves…
so leaving a legacy is becoming even more important. This realization hit me really hard when I white water rafted those Class IV+ rapids… I had tears of regret that if I would’ve died that day… what I’ve left behind is a fraction of what I could’ve… and I’m not okay with that.)
Long term legacies contain some of that my last few months have contained:
– Planning out a 90 day program to engineer a breakthrough.
– Setting up graphics.
– Creating an explainer video w/ full slideshow.
– Creating a bad-ass intro / outro sequence for the explainer video.
– Creating check out pages.
– Creating email sequences.
– Connecting video to check out page.
– Connecting check out page to email subscribe.
– Making sure FB debugger shows correct images / information.
– Connecting clients to FB mastermind group.
– Connecting clients to member’s area.
– Communicating explainer video to team.
– Getting the word out, when you don’t have an email list of your team.
– Much more…
and the big breakthrough for me?
Creating something that GOES & transforms lives, even while I’m not here… well beyond my lifetime…
very much like residual income from network marketing…
except in this case…
encompassing even more life transformation.
What you’re about to see is the foundation of one of the greatest network marketing teams in the history of the industry.
I’ve spent more of my life’s studies on human behavior than most…
and from my unique background… there are technologies that have been overlooked by “the norm” & nearly all of the current influencers in the industry.
Just like in 2008 when I hit the scene hard & innovated by paving the path of “attraction marketing”… before I even knew that term or that there were others also going down that path…
I’m innovating again now… and it’s been far too long since I’ve boldly stepped out like this…
but I wouldn’t be living my full potential & impact to humanity if I were to just “play the normal game” of recruiting & raising up leadership.
You’ll see the greatest rise of leadership… a true leadership factory, amplified & accelerated by superior technology in human behavior…
all backed by decades of proof & wisdom…
yet it’s been missed by the many.
(The few who have applied some of these concepts… have risen to the top of the industry… and that’s not at all my goal… but it’s part of what will happen.
What IS my intention – the biggest impact unto humanity that I’m capable of…
which just so happens to coincide, in this vehicle & industry, to an unusual amount of success.)
Common industry professional subscribe to the “Only 5% will make it” model.
(and that’s not even to full time incomes… which are the top 1-2%’ers)
I’ve always believed we can do better… I’ve known it in my soul since I first saw network marketing.
Even a difference of an extra 1% of people joining a given team, rising up into inspired success, makes the difference of millions of dollars & lives changed…
and that’s a low bar to set.
Sounds like a bold claim, doesn’t it? I get it.
but I can’t play small any longer.
That white water rafting trip, and the future foreseen “guilt & regret” of not living my fullest potential…
I can’t live like that.
I’ve studied far too much of human behavior & potential to know what’s really possible…
and I am staking my claim that one of the greatest teams in the history of network marketing is already underway…
and we start this weekend.
If you want to see what we’re doing & jump on this initial journey… you must be a full member on my team.
Ha… I know that rules out 99% of everyone reading this…
but if this speaks to you… and you’re looking for more…
MUCH more than just joining a program / team and creating residual income online…
and you’ve always known deep inside that YOU are destined for greatness for yourself, your loved ones, and to leave an impact on humanity…
even though you may or may not have created it yet.
Hit me up… leave a comment below or message me on Facebook.
Until then… I’ll be here living in my top values & traits, and showing / inspiring others to do the same.
(notice how “motivation” has nothing to do with this…
We’re called “Team Inspire” for specific reasons.)
Jason Cardamone 🙏❤️🙏