We all know there can only be one winner of the Superbowl…

or is that really true?  Isn’t there like 46 players on a football team?

and a dozen or more coaches, trainers, and staff?

and what about the fans?  If we go there…we’re talking millions of winners!

but the sad truth is…there will only be one team that wins during Superbowl Sunday…

and I have one absolutely guaranteed answer of exactly who that is!

(and yes while I do appear to be psychic on a consistent basis…it’s really more about intuition and skill than being psychic…)

and just like Morpheus tells Neo in “The Matrix”…

“Unfortunately the prediction isn’t something you can just read…

it’s something you have to experience…”

in this video!


— Jason ‘Superbowl Guru’ Cardamone

PS – I sincerely hope your team wins today!

PPS – You can check out my uber-winning team here!