I have ~12 bank accounts… (not including online wallets like paypal or coinbase, etc.)

3 of them are “3-12 month savings” accounts…
(If you care, “investing”, “tithing”, “savings”)

How it USED to work… was that you put money in… and every 3 (or 12) months… it adds in a tiny amount of interest.

The amount of interest added is based on how many days the money has sat there, prior to the “maturity date” that happens every 3-12 months.

If you ever needed to take money out… you just take it out… but if it’s prior to the maturity date… you get NONE of the interest you would have built up.

So it was a cool way to “earmark” funds… for example… automatically put 10% into tithing, 10% into investing, 10% into savings out of every dollar of income that comes in.

and then if you wanted to grab some to invest, but it’s prior to the 3 month maturity date… you just grab the money and DO IT!
(and as you may or may not know… many investments have a limited window of opportunity that makes the difference between making money & losing money)


I just recently (this morning) discovered… that I can NO LONGER TAKE OUT MY MONEY from these accounts as needed…

I now MUST WAIT until the maturity date.

Why is that a problem?

1 – Because it’s not the program I signed up for… and not why I opened those accounts.

2 – Because now the bank just locked up every penny I put into those accounts.
(temporary problem is lack of access to my cash… solution is to immediately stop using these accounts… and in fact I’m closing them after discovering their new rules.)

3 – THE BIGGIE: Why is the bank trying to hold onto my cash and change their rules to make it harder to get MY MONEY?
(it’s not like I’m trying to withdraw $100K or $1M… which like many have discovered… that process takes MANY days/weeks and you have to jump through many hoops.)

So now the banks are not only trying to hold onto larger amounts… they’re also finding other nooks & crannies to keep OUR CASH.

Why would they do that?

Because they’re scared… and it’s even more signs that there is a wealth transfer happening… right before our very eyes.

To dive deeper and learn why the governments of the world are changing their foundational structure…

what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones…

and how you can leverage getting in front of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.