As much as I LOVE summer break and going on tons of adventures in the Summer…
I also LOVE the “Kids are back in school, let’s kick some serious ass in business” season.
Here’s a few observations over my 14 years online…
with kids in school, part or full time, Corona & not, for 11-12 of those 14 years.
– It’s easier to transition into “something new”, like adjusting a schedule, putting in more biz, starting a new fitness or nutrition training schedule, etc… when those around you are also in a transition.
– There IS a difference in driving kids to school(s), 1-4 hours/day, and with that beautiful extra time you CAN waste, invest, profit, and grow with whatever you choose to replace it with.
– There IS a different environment between when there are NO other human souls in a house, versus when some or all of them are there.
(The more aware you are, the more tangible this piece gets. When kids are really young & still at home… you tend to acclimate to “someone is always here”. Setting up systems with spouse / family members is critical, so that you have time for other things, unless your kids are your #1 value.)
Some people say, “I do this for my family.”
Some say “I do this for my kids.”
some say, “I do business, for my kids.”
and some say, “I move towards my best self, for my kids & the world.”
and then some MEAN it.
What your actions show, where your thoughts go, and what the wise know…
there is a difference between saying something is your top value, and living out your own top value(s).
No judgement here… you do NOT have to have your family or your kids as your top value, unless they really are!
It IS imperative that you know YOUR top value, and not the value injected into your life from “that book”, “that teacher, parent, preacher”, or your spouse…
If you try to live someone ELSE’s values, you will NEVER find fulfillment in your life.
So the point being… if your kids are TRULY your #1 value… you are best off spending every last second with them, teaching them, playing, helping, being helped, etc. (so you don’t need the spouse / community support (not as much) to get more time so that you can invest into your other top value(s))
– Getting ready for school each day, especially with teenagers… is like a wedding day.
It’s never going to go “by the book”, and you staying flexible, creative, and remembering to look for the blessings, will always serve you more than being the rigid stick with an attitude up your rear end.
(have you ever seen the raging bride, groom, or family member at a wedding? Clearly NOT having one of the “best days of my life”… because they don’t follow the above.)
– You can choose to create the most amazing time of your life, at ANY TIME of the year, January 1st, your birthday, or even on a random September day where you choose it as “DAY ONE”.
(but See #1 at the top… it’s easier when your family is also in transition.)
– Remember your kids need to grow, and you would ideally like an 18 year old (or 13 year old), to be self-sufficient and ready to KICK ASS in the world.
If YOU try to do it all for them, and overly nurture them… they won’t be prepared to go out & kick ass… they’ll still be dependent on you.
and contrarily, if you don’t let them know you love them, they WILL go out & find the love they seek… likely not in the places that are in alignment with your beliefs.
These have served me in a huge way:
– “People do the best they can, with the information they have, in that moment.” (kids, teachers, officials, spouses, other drivers, and YOU! ALL the people.)
– “There are NO mistakes.” Life happens for us and not to us… and the more quickly we can find the blessings in any, and every given situation, the sooner we don’t have to struggle & fight “that lesson / level” in life.
(The more you picture your life like a video game, that has infinite levels…
and you’re the hero, here to continuously level up…
the more effortless your journey will be.)
Some levels you pass the 1st time, some take 1,000’s of repetitions… and some you’ll take to your grave. Your choice.
– and some last advice… which I’ve been saying with ever growing frequency, for the past 3-4 years…
which Corona has accelerated the importance of this principle:
“Over the next 10 years, we will go through as much growth, transition, and change, as the past THIRTY years!”
So I want you to think back to 1990.
Think of the technology we had, where you were in life, how far you’ve come, what skills you’ve learned, what your limiting beliefs were, what “levels you’ve passed”…
and compare that to today – 2020.
and now think about just TEN years from now – 2030.
I want you to compress ALL of that learning, skills, technology, levels beaten… into just the next 10 years.
What’s what we’re in the middle of, right now…
and it’s not “Corona’s fault”, nor the government’s, nor any given country, President, leader or god…
It’s as natural of a process as humans have experienced for 10,000’s of years here on earth.
(Oh… you thought this is all about you?)
It’s called growth, life, and that you’re here to beat levels.
Have you beaten the Corona level yet? (or are you still focused on masks & elections?)
With all of my heart… I wish you all the best…
and I know that no matter what I wish… that you will make the perfect choices for YOUR journey, and the rest of us will watch the beautiful symphony called life, in your journey, as it intertwines with ours.
Now go & kick ass kids, parents, teachers, and administrators of the world!!!
(and all you other people too!)
PS – Dr. John Demartini’s quote seems perfect here, as it typically does:
“No matter what you have done or not done, you are worthy of love”