I know, I know…

You want the exotic car

the perfect dream home to retire in…

The membership to your favorite cruise line where you take cruises every quarter… or even every month!

Yet I know the truth!

Those things aren’t what you really want…

Because anyone could drive a Lambo…

(they’d just may have to pay about $2,000/month… so maybe they would to eat a bit less or leave their home…)

Let’s explore how to really get these finer things in life…

these freedoms you desire.

Here’s what you really want…


You want leverage of your money.

Because then you could easily point some resources around and purchase the car or the home.

You want leverage of your time.

Because then you could take the cruises without being trapped in a job.

and you could also spend the quality time your loved ones deserve… and you could spend randomĀ weekends (and weekdays) just simply relaxing

(Lack of downtime and relaxation is a major cause of today’s diseases!)

So let’s explore leverage a bit…

First –Ā Let’s see what leverage looks like:

Isn’t that amazing?

You can move mountains when you have leverage!

and how you get leverage

Prudential laid it all right out there in the open.

The way to get leverage is to simply get started.

You think I was always successful in online business?


Depending on which path you took to get here to be deeply digesting this message, right now…

You know I was in various worlds of pain and couldn’t get the basics to work at all!

Or here’s a good one:

“Jason, you’re just so natural on video! Ā I could never be that good on video.”

Well then I could share more of my shy childhood where I wouldn’t even speak up to go to the bathroom in school… regardless of how bad my bladder was about to burst.

and I won’tĀ embarrass myself and dive into the story where my bladder won out…

In junior high.

During a test.

You can imagine the rest of the details at one of the most frail moments in our childhood… the early-teen years.

The way I got so good on camera and on stages…

and the way I builtĀ such a successful online business…


I simply got started

sucked for a bit (in some cases a long time)…

and then my skills improved!

Do the right mentors, tools, communities, and systems all help?


But could I really leverage all of these behemoth miracles if I didn’t get my first domino started?


and through all of the pitfalls over nearly 11 years online now…

Helping more than 1,000 people to create their first profits online…

and now having doubled the number of full-time earners in my tutelageĀ in just the past 9 months

Here’s my most sage wisdom:

Get your domino started now and get it into motion today!

That’s literally it.

The rest will work itself out… it always does.

So maybe instead of leverage… I should’ve been writing about guts, grit, gratitude, and faith!

(maybe that’ll be tomorrow’s topic for you)


So until tomorrow’s awesome post…

I encourage you to look into how to get your domino started today!

and I’ll also pass on the best way I know how to get your domino going:

The Domino Workshop

(It’s not really the domino workshop… well… it actually is… I just can’t promise you’ll see the awesome Prudential dominos falling… I should’ve called it The Leverage Workshop.)

So etch that video into your mind…Ā and go back and watch it again…

it may just change the trajectory of your life

so that you can finally be knocking down those HUGE dominos in life that you deserve!

The ability to knock down that giant domino has always been inside of you…

You just didn’t previously have access on how to get the right leverageĀ to do it!

but now you have no excuses!

So I command you to go and live your dreams and become even more of the best version of yourself!

(because you’re pretty damn amazing already!)


PS – I believe in YOU!


— Jason “Leverage”Ā Cardamone