I was coaching a team member to better leverage a HUGE win they shared with me, and to realize how their story can inspire every aspect of the world around them.

Write a story (or video) once, and use it MANY times to create value for yourself & the world around you.

The backstory is that they shared this huge win with me in Facebook messenger… and it was AMAZING.

but they were going to just leave the gift hidden right there inside of messenger… and not truly leverage it to create huge impact for themselves & others.

It would be like having a bunch of 10 bananas that you want to share with the world… Sharing/selling 2 bananas, and then leaving the other 8 there to rot.

Below is an expanded version of how I guided them:

1) You were excited to share some beautiful results.
2) You thought your sponsor/mentor would be the only person interested besides yourself.

The above is great, because it inspires & adds value to YOU and to your mentor… but what about the entirety of the rest of the world around you?

How much more value & inspiration could you add?


Both for your sphere of influence & to benefit humanity… AND also for yourself! (because anything you share, is a gift both to THEM, and to YOURSELF!)

I coached them around expanding the message out to their Facebook profile, but there are multiple places to add value & inspire humanity and yourself.


Sharing with your team (internal / greater team)

Benefits: You add value to & inspire the team.

and because your environment is one of the most important parts of your entire life, YOU also win in a huge way, AND the entire team wins from being inspired as to what’s possible for them!


Sharing in your FB profile/groups, YouTube, etc. (outside markets)

Benefits: You add value to & inspire the marketplace around you / your sphere of influence.  You additionally inspire yourself.

Sharing to your opt-ins / leads. (your more qualified prospects)

Benefits: You add value to & inspire those that have already “raised their hand” and are interested in your biz/products/service/you.  You additionally inspire yourself.

and you also get your leads to get to know, like, and trust you even more…

which moves them closer to a buying decision.

Sharing to Your Personally enrolled affiliates & customers. (your MOST qualified “prospects”

Benefits: You add value to & inspire those that have already joined you, and have parted with their time/money.

The EASIEST way to make more money, is to sell more products/services to existing customers.

This is the MOST important market you will ever serve!

TIP: If you’re in network marketing, this same principle applies again to your lower level leaders, higher level leaders, etc.


Any light bulbs going off?

This is how you stretch every win & story into different markets.

There is NO limit to this technique!

Advanced tip: You can even take a written statement, create a video from it (with or without text slides), share it on YouTube and Facebook, sharing it on your blog, include the text along with the video, turn it into an infographic for Pinterest… or keep it all in text format.

Pro tip:

I recommend to just focus on 1 platform until you are consistently bringing in leads & reps/customers consistently from that single source.

Remember: You get inspired simply from sharing your story with yourself (thoughts, reflection, & meditation, etc.) AND when sharing with the world around you.

You CANNOT communicate something to the world around you, without directly impacting yourself with the exact same words, thoughts, feelings you are sharing.

So create a habit in your life of always sharing goodwill, value, and inspiration with the world around you… and you will continuously be inspired on your journey.

The more you share, the more inspired you are.

The less you share, the less inspired you are.

Now get out there and share your stories & inspiration with the world around you!

— Jason Cardamone