This was inspired by a really deep conversation with my youngest child this morning.
In my never-ending quest of deeply exploring human potential over my lifetime…
I have become quite certain of a few immortal principles that I have seen consistently demonstrated consistently.
Here are a handful that come to mind:
– We are innately wired to evolve into our greatest potential, which is done using the most advanced part of our brain.
(1- Reptile Brain vs.
2- Limbic System vs.
3- Neocortex
1- Food/Flight/Flight/F$#% vs.
2- Emotions/Feelings vs.
3- Language/Imagination/Ideas)
– We each have a set of unique values, some higher or lower priority to us.

If we focus on the higher priority items, we evolve & move towards fulfillment & raise human consciousness. (enlightenment / awakening / #3 above.)

If we focus on the lower priority items, we devolve & move backwards towards primates & lower human consciousness. (fight / flight / survival / ignorance / #1/2 above.)

– We are the sole creators of our destiny.
(If it’s to be, it’s up to me)

– Technology is a natural progression of our evolution towards higher consciousness.

Just like monkeys used tools to hunt more efficiently & not die.

Just like the Gutenberg Printing Press has brought us the great books over time. (yes, even “that” book)

Just like Facebook allows me to stay in contact with loved ones, colleagues, and friends from around the globe.

Just like our money went from trading/barter, to coins, to paper, to plastic, to electronic.

There’s a few good ones for now.
(I should write a book and really go into depth here.)
What thoughts, ideas, visions, inspirations do you get from the above?