Here I outline my unique, 4 step process that I’ve innovated over the years.

This has been born out of hundreds of hours in “goal setting workshops” or “target setting”…
(I now call this “setting outcomes”)

and it’s a combination of the works of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Michael Bernoff, Frank Kern, the 12 Week Year, and dozens of other books, courses, and mentors that teach on “goal setting”.

Here are the steps, deeply outlined in the video:

  1. Create your “personal inventory” or “PEE’s” (Peak Emotional Experiences) from the previous year.

  3. Create your intentions for the upcoming year.

    • I highly recommend, as one part (or all if you like) of step 2 here, to play around with creating your perfect average day…check out my friend Chris’ post on this.

  5. “Test” your intentions by stepping into them with future pacing and also full VAK implementation. (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)

  7. “Chunk down” the remaining outcomes into manageable pieces. (specifically into 90 day chunks)

  9. Repeat the above 4 steps every 90 days. (to a smaller degree, and during these “90 day years”, break down those 90 days into weekly & daily targets)

  11. Repeat the above 5 steps every year. (So not only are you now living “90 day years”…you’re also HIGHLY focused on your daily activities/outcomes, because we can only live in the “now”, so focus on it)



PS – Progress = Happiness…so enjoy all parts of the journey, in the now!

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