Think deeply about this:
How many people do I need to introduce you to that:
– 1 year ago knew exactly ZERO about internet marketing.
– 1 year ago knew exactly ZERO about entrepreneurship.
– 1 year ago was stuck at some job, knowing there’s something better for them out there.
That today are:
– Making $3,000/month
– Making $10,000/month
– Making $50,000/month
– Making $90,000/month
– Traveling the world, taking vacations when they want, and spending time with loved ones on their own schedule.
Because I have HUNDREDS of people that fit the above that I can introduce you to.
So ask yourself:
– Do you just need to hear from someone just like you?
– Do you just need to hear from 3 people?
– Do you need two dozen?
– Is it not based on others, but based on your own doubts for your own potential?
– Do you think I’m full of shit and you’re just connected to me on Facebook to glean knowledge and swipe my content & knowledge? (If yes – it’s all good… it all positively impacts humanity… I don’t need the personal credit for it like I thought for so many years.)
Seriously, ask the above questions… what truly IS holding you back?
Oh… is it that a spouse, parent, child, your personal situation, or an experience you had years or decades ago is holding you “hostage” in some way?
I’m asking you to dig deep, get honest… because you deserve it and while the answers may bring up emotions that you typically run away from…
Just behind those emotions are THE KEY to you living the life of your dreams…
Just like the hundreds of people I’m surrounded by daily.
You know, I wish I could pour my knowledge into you like that spine plug in The Matrix…
If you only knew what I see in you of your true potential… you would literally quit your job today, lock arms, and instantly take actions congruent living the life of your wildest dreams…
and while we don’t have that plug…
We do have a version of it.
(and it’s not going to physically hurt to engage… but you will absolutely need to be open to replacing some of your old habits that no longer serve you… and replace them with the habits of highly successful, world changing, people loving, life drinking people who are fulfilled and add more value to humanity than they take.)
If you’re feeling super bold, comment below with as much honesty as you’re willing to muster up… what’s holding you back?
If you’re slightly confident, a bit uneasy, but you’re still committed to making change… private message me. (I’m a certified life & business coach since 2003… everything we discuss via private message STAYS private.)
If you’re unconfident and the above scares you… write about it in a personal journal.
If you’re super scared and you’re already deciding how you’re not going to take any action here whatsoever…
at least spend 5 full, long minutes, thinking about it. (works best with your eyes closed)
or you can do what self-made millionaires do… jump off the cliff, tell your fears that they will NO LONGER hold you hostage, and dive in deep now.
and if you’ve been wondering what it’s like to work with me personally, private message me and I’ll get you some information and we’ll see if you are ready. (I work with ANYONE with an open mind and a heart to change and improve their life… I REFUSE all negativity and self centered people…
and while I’ve helped over 1,000 people to create their first profits online over the past 11 years…
I’ve never helped so many to get to a full time income as I have over the past 11 months with the Matrix-esque vehicle I’m blessed to now be partnered with.)
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