So why do people buy?
Because they see more value they’ll get in exchange for the money they’re trading for that value… right? wrong?
What the heck IS value?
I’ve been really deep in thought around this area of late…
and the big “aha” for many is this:
What YOU find valuable, doesn’t mean that’s the same thing someone ELSE also finds valuable!
(sometimes it is… sometimes it isn’t)
So I’ve believe value can be:
– A funnel that converts
– A product… ANY product
– A service… ANY service
– A phone call
– A video
– A membership area
– A mastermind (live or virtual/zoom)
– A team / environment / culture
– Someone else’s traffic (solo ad, FB ads, etc.)
– About 1,000 more concepts.
– A LONGER video.
– A SHORTER video.
and here’s some other “aha’s” I’ve had…
– I’ve invested $1,000 for masterminds that were better & far more valuable, to ME, than ones I’ve invested $7,000 for.
– I’ve paid for a $10/month service… that’s made me nearly half a million dollars over the past 10.5 years and was more valuable (to ME)… than a product I paid $3,000 for and got nearly zero value out of.
– I’ve paid for $800/month coaching for 90 days… that was more valuable (to ME) than coaches I paid $5K.
(and even better… I paid $150/month for top notch, world class coaching from a 3 time OLYMPIAN! That was incredible value and was well worth the ~2 years of coaching!)
– I’ve paid for $25,000 for medical grade water technology, masterminds, events, training, and services… that was far more valuable (to ME), than a $250/month autoship from a different health company.
– I paid for a $6,000 event, and then returned to that event 3 more times and received life changing value (to ME), versus the 6 books I’ve read on the same subject, which cost me ~$100 and ~50 hours of my life.
– I paid around $6,000 for a suite of digital products (+culture & events), (EN) which were far more valuable to ME than other programs. (yet I also remember hundreds of people saying that particular program was a scam… yet it changed MY life and many others I know.)
(and thankfully… every time I’ve invested $10K+ on a mastermind… it’s been life changing and super valuable to me! So far so good! Looking forward to looking back on this someday and saying the same around my $100K ventures!)
So here’s what it really comes down to…
You may not like MY program(s)/service(s)… you may even hate them…
yet for someone else, it changes the course of their destiny.
and I may not align with YOUR product(s)/service(s)… but that doesn’t mean you aren’t/can’t change the lives of hundreds, thousands, or even MILLIONS of others!
So here’s what it really comes down to…
I KNOW you won’t fully agree with all of my products / services…
but I’m willing to bet we probably wouldn’t be connected here on FB if you weren’t in agreement with SOME of them!
(and if you’re just there to peep into my world… or even to stir up shit… all good… that means you’re getting VALUE out of our connection!)
and you know what… it’s ALL GOOD for you and I to not agree on everything…
how freaking boring would that make our world?
So here’s what I propose…
You be YOU…
and I’ll be ME…
and if we part ways somewhere on our journey… ALL GOOD!
and if we get even closer on our journey… ALL GOOD!
If I perceive you are doing more good for the world around you… that’s one of my top criteria for me to support you, buy your stuff (when I perceive that it also benefits ME), share your posts, products, services.
and if you don’t like what I’ve done, what I’m doing, or what I will do…
that’s really none of my business!
and here’s where I’d really love to take this post…
to hear from you… what “aha’s” have you discovered on your journey around “value”?
Have you ever purchased something that was relatively inexpensive, or relatively expensive… that surprised you as to the amount of value you received?
Looking forward to the adventure with YOU!